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Snow Blowers Be Damned

January 25, 2016

This year, I was a bit more anxious about the oncoming snow storm than in previous years. I would be alone in the house with my kids. Likely for three days. My heater has been on the fritz, so I wasn’t sure if I’d have heat. I have a pretty long sidewalk that would require […]


Characters: Boy (age 8) Girl (age 6) Woman, their mother (age is none of your damn business) Prologue It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and the children are off from school for no good reason. Boy and Girl¬†sit in the backseat of their mother’s car, stuffing their faces with chocolate chip muffins that are supposed to […]


And Then There Were Three

August 14, 2014

First Child: Chatterbox, worrywart, sensitive soul with big, big heart Second Child: Wild woman, devourer of anything chocolate, free spirit, blessed with neverending zest for life   Third Child: She’s still a mystery! (An adorable one.) ¬†Welcome Isabel! Apparently three is the magic number…. Tweet Tweet This Post


When I was in college, I mentioned at the cafeteria dinner table that I just didn’t feel that Christmas spirit anymore. Maybe it had to do with writing ten-page papers and studying for finals (ya think?), but I didn’t feel the same zest, the same joy as I remembered from being a kid. My friends […]

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Flying Through Life

December 18, 2012

On Friday morning, I took my daughter to visit the school where her brother attends kindergarten. We sat in on the preschool class as they went through story time, played with toys, ate snacks, even went to gym class and raced around orange cones. The kids were so precious; there was so much joy. We […]


The Age of Discovery

November 23, 2012

Now that my son is five and in kindergarten, he’s learning a lot of truths about the world. Some of them are exciting and inspiring, like how to spell and read his storybooks. Other truths? Not so joyous. As wonderful as it is that my child is learning to read, it poses a little bit […]

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SuperWoman Makes Breakfast

September 9, 2012

SuperWoman can’t decide what to call this episode. Is it “Breakfast in the Time of Chaos”? “Winning!”? or is it “Why Is There no F-ing Peanut Butter in This F-ing House?” Setting: Sunday morning, the first weekend after the start of school (which Mr. B claims is the best place on earth, but not in […]


When my son was four months old, I took him to the community college where I was working for the semester. It was the end of August, and I needed an ID card, paperwork, a quick check of the classrooms I’d be teaching in. I didn’t have a babysitter, so I strapped on the Baby […]


Keeping Up

June 13, 2012

It’s coming up on a month in my new career as an editor, and while I feel like I’ve won the jackpot as far as jobs go, I still have this nagging feeling some days that I’m not keeping up. How will I handle the laundry and dishes, the emotional needs of my children, and […]


My son turned five a little over a week ago, and I’m still reeling a bit. How can I have a five-year-old? Me? I’m still under the impression I can pass for twenty-one. But some interesting things have been happening since The Big Five birthday. I am noticing that five isn’t just a number; it’s […]

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