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Ode to Coffee (and a perk)

September 15, 2013



I miss you.

Your long hair swirling

in the atmosphere

Your musk reaching from

a tall cup.


We had a love affair

for many years

Quick rendezvous

in the kitchen,

between breaths and babies’ cries

Or dates in a dark-wooded shop,

your warmth tucked

between my palms.


Since I left you,

I see you everywhere—

mostly in people’s arms.

They hold you like a medicine

brown-eyed, smokey,

your voice brooding

and strong.


Sometimes, I visit your pale

sister in the supermarket.

She’s limp and frowning,

not as pretty as you.

(She knows she never will be.)



Each year, when the cold

comes, I remind myself

that our affair could

never last.

You wanted all of me—

every last nerve and vein,

a hostage.


Still, I reach into the blank air

for your memory.




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Image: “Coffee?” by Jennifer K. Warren via Flickr.



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Nina September 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Oh boy! How long have you been off?? It’s my guilty pleasure. Not sure I could. I have your video saved in a window to watch soon!


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