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Sounds for Spring

May 11, 2013

Way back, I was a college DJ. I loved picking songs that felt like they went with the radio slot I got each semester, whether it was early morning or Saturday dinner time. And the season has a lot to do with the kind of music I want to listen to.

Certain albums always feel like autumn to me, like Radiohead’s OK Computer or In Rainbows. (This probably has a lot to do with the September release date of their albums.) In winter, I like to listen to Cat Power or Nina Simone. When spring comes, I pull out albums by Sarah Harmer, Leona Naess, Jeff Buckley, and the Innocence Mission.

So in celebration of the old Janarama show, here are a couple of spring-inspired tunes that I think you’ll love.

Leona Naess, “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind” from the album Thirteens.



And a longtime favorite from The Innocence Mission’s albumĀ Glow, “Bright as Yellow.”

And I do not wish to be a rose,

I do not wish to be pale pink,

but flower scarlet, flower gold,

And have no thorns to distance me,


but be bright,


bright as yellow,

warm as yellow.


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