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Good Things About Cold Weather

November 5, 2012


I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, but in my effort to work on Extreme Attitude Adjustment, I’m trying to find something good about the oncoming winter months. (A Noreaster and snow in the first week of November? Not so much.) I can always handle autumn without problem—it’s my favorite season. But in January and February, I’m toast.

In my effort to be positive, though, here is a list (albeit short) of the good things that come from cold weather.

1. A movie theatre followed by dinner in a warm, dark Belgian pub.

2. An awesome tea collection, like say,  Gingerbread Roibos or Strawberry Ginger herbal tea. (I’m lucky enough to own both of those, and about a billion Yogi blends.)

3. A hearty piece of bread and a bowl of chili topped with cheddar and sour cream.

4. Rosy cheeks after a morning walk.

5. Snow days when no one has to get out of pajamas (unless kids want to play in the snow, which is not my preference).

6. Sweaters, scarves. Wait: that should be two.
6a. Sweaters

6b. Scarves.

7. Knee high boots, which are great if they don’t make your short, stubby legs look like they get lost in quicksand. (I might be one of those people with short, stubby legs.)

8. Good reason to bake: muffins, cookies, breads, cupcakes.

9. A February trip to the Caribbean, or Hawaii, or south Florida, wherever, for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. (I have not been so lucky, but a woman can dream.)

And number 10? This is hard. 10 whole good things about cold weather…. Hmm.

10. Quiet in the neighborhood. At least the early dark keeps people indoors, and there’s less pressure to make the most of the daylight. When you come home from work, you can hibernate for a good long time.

That is, until you wake up, and it’s still cold.


Image: Winter Rain by Chickens in the Trees via Flickr.

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