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The Good in January

January 21, 2012

The good things about January, you say?

SuperWoman will admit, this list is a stretch. But it’s part of her master plan of “acceptance,” so humor her.

Here goes.

1. If you forget your groceries in the trunk of your car overnight, they will stay cold. (SuperWoman only did this twice.)

2. People will say “Happy New Year” well into the third week. Hearing the word “happy” is good.

3. Nowhere is the sound of a leaf-blower.

4. You can catch up with old friends over the internet, because no one is going outside.

5. Coats and scarves can sort of cover up the extra pounds you gained in December.

6. A lot of people were born in this month, apparently.

7. You can go to bed at 9 p.m. and almost no one will consider you a loser.

8. Women can reject that hideous ritual of shaving their legs.

9. You can catch up on past seasons of excellent television shows, like In Treatment (HBO), Downton Abbey (PBS), and Justified (FX). Oo la la, Timothy Olyphant.

10. The sun is far away, but chocolate is widely available.


Image of Timothy Olyphant via Wikia.


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