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Rock Stars Own My Heart

August 24, 2015


I just saw that it’s been over a year since I wrote a post on my favorite little blog. But I have good reason for my scarcity, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

I’ve spent my summer—and for that matter, my spring, and winter—going through the process of getting a divorce.

What does that mean? It means adjusting to a shared custody schedule with my kids, who are sitting at the dining room table with me now as we watch videos on YouTube and eat peanut butter crackers and color pictures. It means talking to my lawyer at five-minute increments to get as much information as I can before getting billed a butt-load of money. It means lots of emotion, and loneliness, and the kind of deep friendships I’ve always wanted, and grief over the loss of the family I thought I’d have. It also means freedom and beauty and moments of amazement at my life and the woman I’m becoming.

And, thank God, it means music.

I have been addicted to music lately. It reminds me of being sixteen, of drowning out everything except the headphones in my ears, of escape. It makes me dance, it makes me feel connected. And after doing some research about stress, I realized why it’s especially appealing right now. Music—along with meditation and a few other things—is an antidote to reducing our stress hormone, cortisol.

How did I find this out? Not because I was researching the effects of music on stress. It was because I had regained belly fat after losing baby weight and was like WTF, WTF? Until a light-bulb went off and I realized that stress might be causing me to gain or hold on to weight (despite my running and exercise regimen) and I started to do some investigating. Turns out in situations like mine, sleep might actually be better than forcing yourself to run a 5K.

Anyway, I want to be a rock star, but I can’t sing or play any instruments, but I can certainly dance and appreciate music. And one day I’m going to get myself a pair of black (or red?) leather pants.

If I could invite you to my living room and sit you on my couch and play some great songs for you, I would. But since this is a blog, the best I can do is share a few videos. No need to watch them, though–you can just hit play and listen while you cut up strawberries or bathe your cat.

Katy Perry

I just…fucking…love her. (Don’t tell my son I said that word. He thinks anyone who curses is a criminal.)


Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So’s.

How much do I love this band? I am so grateful I found them! The lyrics are smart, funny, and likely drug-induced. But who’s judging. Not me! Take a listen. (My favorite album so far is the most recent, Slingshot to Heaven. Available to listen to on Amazon Prime for FREE, by the way, which I’m kind of afraid to tell you because I worry Amazon will take it off if too many people know.)

(“I love you so who cares if we’re lazy….”)


As always, Tori.

When I’m in a certain mood, I find her and watch her and get lost in her voice. And them I’m 13, and 16, and 20, and 24, and 27, all at the same time, and whoever and wherever I am is swirled into one magic moment.

How awesome is this cover of “The Boys of Summer?” She nails it.


Tegan and Sara

Am I the only one a little freaked out by identical twins with the same voices forming a band? But this album, Heartthrob, is upbeat and really fun.


Ryan Adams

You just can’t go wrong with Ryan Adams. Ever. Really, ever.

Did you know he’s married to Mandy Moore? I just found this out!


(And by the way, I’m hoping to write a little more regularly on this blog. It’s like a double-dog-dare to myself. But I’m not holding my breath, because life is crazy right now. See above.)



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 Welcome Isabel! Apparently three is the magic number….


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